In the past five years, the U.S. has witnessed a “green rush” thanks to reformation of medicinal cannabis, leaving many to wonder, what this means for pharmaceutical CBD(Cannabidiol) oil?

Medicinal marijuana and its other chemical components, such as CBD oil, have showcased major headlines as of late, causing quite an uproar. But what do the Big Pharma companies think?

The study of Cannabinoids has gained much interest in the United States over the past five years. Countless studies have been performed with the intent of proving the positive effects of CBD oil in treating a plethora of ailments including neuromuscular disorders, cancer, and diabetes. The evidence from the studies indicates that CBD oil can be used to treat nausea, pain relief, and loss of appetite.

With the wave-like passage of state legalization of medical marijuana and the U.S. government’s lifting restrictions on cannabis research, the overall research results are strongly supportive. Scientists have discovered that humans possess a special bodily process called the endocannabinoid system. Through this system, scientists found that CBD oil significantly affects many roles in the human body including memory, appetite, pain sensation, anxiety, metabolism, immune functions and sleep.

Given the shift in legal, political and cultural standpoints, Big Pharma companies are showing great interest in the burgeoning market of pharmaceutical CBD oil by leveraging the data of its therapeutic effects. They are becoming more open in their efforts to cultivate and commercialize pharmaceutical CBD oil.

The following companies are at the forefront of the CBD oil movement:

GW Pharmaceuticals.

A British based company licensed by the UK’s Home Office to work with a variety of controlled drugs for medicinal purposes. GW’s Sativex, is a cannabinoid medicine that has been approved in 24 countries and treats spasms caused by multiple sclerosis.

Recently the company announced an agreement with New York to start clinical trials for children that suffer epileptic seizures as well as children with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of drug resistant epilepsy.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals. 

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that takes a special interest in CBD therapeutics developed for transdermal delivery. While they are still in the clinical stage, their products show great potential to allow sustained, consistent, and controlled delivery of CBD oil dosages.

In their clinical trials, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals’ ZYN002 CBD gel has successfully and safely demonstrated positive effects on cognition and mood in both healthy adults and adult epilepsy patients with focal seizures. The product is still being tested, but so far the results of the clinical trials are promising.

Insys Therapeutics.

A specialty pharmaceutical company based in Arizona who recently announced that the FDA granted their CBD treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) an Orphan Drug Designation which is assigned to medicines that treat rare diseases that only affect a limited number of patients in the U.S. The designation allows Insys Therapeutics a seven-year window to market their pharmaceutical CBD oil exclusively with some financial incentive to support the drug’s development.


There is undeniable interest from Big Pharma in the pharmaceutical CBD oil industry that is being fueled by staggering scientific findings. Big Pharma is proving there are benefits to both psychoactive THC and non psychoactive CBD. With the lifting of restrictions on cannabis testing and research, there is much more freedom in research parameters to truly unveil the positive benefits of cannabis.

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