CBD in Sports

Athletes are curious about CBD

How CBD in sports can benefit athletic performance

Athletes are using CBD in Sports
With all the buzz around the health benefits of CBD, athletes of all levels are curious about the benefits it could have for them and their athletic performance. Although some professional leagues have rules against the use of CBD, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from their list of prohibited substances last year and many major leagues, including the MLB and NHL, have relaxed policies on CBD. Many top athletes are known to use CBD and advocate for its benefits; as you can see by Nate Diaz vaping CBD after fights and hockey players Ryan VandenBussche and Riley Cote spreading the news, CBD is primed to take the athletic world by storm. The level physical exertion required to play any sport at a high level places high levels of stress on both the body and the mind, but can CBD really help?

Some people simply say yes. The slightly more complicated answer is that the possible benefits depend on a variety of factors and more research is necessary before specific recommendations can be made. The evidence for the use of CBD for chronic pain management is promising, it’s impact in fighting inflammation is well documented, and a variety of other proposed benefits of CBD including management of anxiety and improved mental well-being could have indirect benefits on athletic performance.

When deciding to supplement your athletic routine with CBD, it’s important to be educated on what we know and what we don’t. The evidence is growing for the many benefits that CBD can provide, but it’s also important to know that the products you use are high quality. Given the lack of government regulation, the industry is largely self-regulated and some products aren’t truly what they advertise. It is crucial to find trustworthy companies who post third-party lab results and care about the safety and education of their consumers.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant; one of over 100 cannabinoids – closely related active constituents of cannabis – whose therapeutic properties are now being tested by researchers worldwide. One of the main appeals of CBD that has led to this recent “boom” is that, on top of its many therapeutic values, it is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. For many people seeking alternatives to pharmaceuticals with harsh side-effects, for those who want something more in-tune with natural biological processes, CBD is an option.

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