Doctor Oz Tests Out CBD (2021)

Dr. Oz is a health expert known as Oprah’s go to doctor to discuss her fans health and wellness concerns. After 5 years Oz transitioned into his own 1 hour weekly special in 2009 and has been going strong since. With so many people around the world watching and trusting in his knowledge and opinion, what does Dr. Oz think about the Cannabis industry and CBD in 2021?

Dr. Oz Wants to Know, Can CBD Actually Help you?

CBD has been purported to help with pain, anxiety, sleep, nausea, gut health, and more. So in order to further understand what cannabidiol can do and if it can live up to these claims, Dr. Oz set some of his team members on a mission to test it out.

Can CBD help Gut Health?

In this study, two Oz team members(Hilary and Emily) took CBD for 5 days to see if it could help with their gut health issues. During this time, Hilary would drink a cup of CBD tea every morning while Emily would have a CBD capsule daily around lunch time. 

Both subjects felt bloated at the start of day 1 with Hilary showing little to no improvement and Emily showing small improvements.  After 3 days Hilary continued to have issues with the tea, becoming frustrated with her lack of results. Emily on the other hand, seemed to be feeling better than the previous days only complaining about more frequent burping. On the final day, Hilary was relieved of some of her previous symptoms, however she remained skeptical of CBD being the cause, while Emily claimed that the CBD capsules definitely did something and helped her to feel better. 

Can CBD Help Me With Pain?

In this study, Dr. Oz spoke with investigative reporter Mara Schiavocampo to find out even more about CBD and how it might help with pain. One of the first things she discovered while researching was how dosage and price can make buying CBD very confusing. She would find two products that claim to have the same exact dosage but vary dramatically in price. She continued to explain that this is sometimes due to product quality and true potency but not always and to be sure consumers should always check for third party lab tests. 


In order to find out whether or not CBD can help with pain issues, Mara volunteered for a 3 day experiment in which she would try 3 different CBD products, a pain balm, a tincture and CBD capsules. Within one hour of using the CBD pain balm on day 1, Mara was surprised to find that her lower back felt much better than she had expected. Day two was CBD capsules, a few hours after ingestion, Ms. Schavaocampo stated that she felt a bit loopy as if she had been drinking some wine. Just before bed on day 2 however, she claimed she hadn’t thought about her back pain all day. On the final day, a tincture was used in her morning shake(3 small drops), after a few hours she explained that she felt no effects.

Final Thoughts

From what Dr. Oz has said and shown us, CBD can definitely help with an array of issues many people have on a daily basis. The most important thing to remember is to buy your CBD from a company that delivers a high quality, transparent product. Always make sure to look for a COA when shopping and don’t forget to talk to your doctor before adding CBD to your daily routine.

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