Menthol-Free Pain Cream

There are studies and evidence showing that CBD can be beneficial for reducing anxiety, fighting nausea and relieving pain. There are also many chronic pain sufferers who rely on menthol-free pain cream to soothe and alleviate the pain they experience due to their condition. The good thing about pain creams is that they are very easy to apply and are rapidly absorbed by the skin for instant pain relief. CBD comes in different forms of products. It is up to you to choose which fits your needs and lifestyle. CBD oil is easily infused into products such as tinctures, liquid concentrates, capsules, edibles, beverages, lotions, salves and menthol-free pain cream. If you want an alternative solution to the chronic pain you are experiencing, consider CBD pain cream.

Get Your Dose Of CBD From Pure Science Lab

Pure Science Lab is where you can shop for menthol-free pain cream. Our CBD hemp oil is produced from premium strains of industrial hemp, using the stalk, stem and flower of the plant. The cannabis sativa plants are carefully grown in the world’s finest industrial hemp fields. All of our products are formulated in the United States. To ensure that all Pure Science Lab products are of the highest quality standard, through every step of the extraction process, we are tested by independent third-party laboratories in the USA. All of our extracts are made without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides, resulting in absolutely pure, organic CBD hemp oil. Pure Science Lab’s unique extraction process can reliably reproduce the naturally-balanced phytochemical profile of original industrial hemp cultivars.

Try Our Pain Cream

Find relief from muscle soreness and pain with our Menthol-Free Pain Cream. More and more people are showing interest in CBD products as an alternative relief to their condition. For sources of lab-tested products, feel free to contact Pure Science Lab. We are more than willing to tell you more about CBD-infused products.

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