Pure Science Labs Rewards Program

How It Works


Join the gold club by signing up and earn your first 50pts


Earn points every time you shop with us.


Apply your points to your purchase before checkout whenever you’re ready.

How You Can Earn Points

Earn Points when you spend

Simply Sign Up

Earn Your First 50 Points When You sign up

The easiest money you will ever earn, when you sign up here at Pure Science Lab we give you a 50pts to get you started.

Earn Unlimited Points

Earn a point for every dollar you spend

We like to be generous, so we decided to match every dollar you spend with a point earned. Every 20 points equals a $1. Save up your points for big returns.

Earn Points when you spend

Want to earn even more?

Earn 50 points every time you review a product that you purchased.
Earn 20 points when you follow us on Instagram or Facebook
Earn 20 points when share Pure Science Lab on Facebook
Once you follow or share please email a screenshot to adam.puresciencelab@gmail.com and the points will be added to your account.
What is the Pure Science Rewards System?

Our Rewards program is our way of giving back to our valued customers. Earn Points for every dollar you spend, reviewing a purchased product and sharing us on social media.

How many points do I get when shopping?

We match every dollar you make with a rewards point. Every 20 points earned equals 1 dollar towards your next purchase. For Example($100 = 100 Points = $5 dollars back.)

Can I earn points any other way?

Yes, you can earn points when you review a product that you have purchased, when you follow us on Instagram or Facebook and when you share about us on Facebook.

Where can I see how many points I have?

When you login in the my account page you should be redirected to your profile page, there you will see your info including your points earned. If you need to get back to your user profile, you can get there by going through the my account page and clicking “my account”.

Or you can just click right HERE

How do I redeem my points?

Once you have done your shopping, go to your cart and look above your cart items. You should see a black bar that tells you the points you have and a button to apply those points to your order.

For any further questions please email Adam.puresciencelab@gmail.com