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At Pure Science Lab, we believe in providing you with real honest reviews of our products. As a Crohn’s disease survivor, CBD patient, and with 30 years in the alternative medicine business I understand the value of a real testimonial.

Below you will find unedited CBD Hemp Oil Testimonials submissions to our website, emails sent to us personally, notes from customers’ emails to us, and testimonials from customers who purchased our products. All of our CBD Hemp Oil Testimonials are unedited quotes as originally submitted.

Many Benefits of CBD Oil

If you are looking for a review on Pure Science Lab,  reviews on how CBD Oil helped our customers with pain,  anxiety, arthritis and much more then please read our reviews.

We understand that you want to see what people are saying about Pure Science Lab’s CBD Oil and feel more comfortable reading the results from real people that actually use our products.

Pure Science Lab is proud to have a growing list of satisfied customers and we want to showcase them all.

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CBD Hemp Oil Testimonials

2017/11/03 at 1:44 pm

I’ve been using 41% CBD oil extract on a daily basis for nearly a month and it is the most effective treatment I’ve found for treating pain in my neck/back/shoulder/hand due to osteoarthritis and chronic inflammation. It is better than any OTC pain killers I’ve used and with no negative side effects.

The oil has a very mild taste and the syringe allows for exact dosing. The price seems competitive given the purity and high-quality manufacturing process. However paying out-of-pocket for CBD to treat chronic conditions is not cheap. Hopefully, insurance will one day cover it.

2017/02/25 at 3:34 am

Using CBD oil and Kanna Freeze together gave me relief from severe knee pain, which kept me up at nights. Doctors refused to give me pain meds, and advised me that I needed a total knee replacement. After using these two products together I have very little pain for the first time in many years. My girlfriend just had a total knee replacement, and gets better pain relief using this than she does from her pain meds. Great product I highly recommend it.


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Date: 2017-08-31 05:30
From: Angela Murphy
To: info@puresciencelab.com

Sent from my iPad. I recently purchase the freeze jel .I can highly recommend it. As a long time back and foot sufferer I have tried everything. It gives me instant relief . Thankyou for this wonderful product.

On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 11:17 AM, Celeste Lynn wrote:

You’re awesome thank you. I’m a disabled veteran and I have severe chronic disease and your product literally changed my life. Thanks again!

Would it be okay if we post your testimonial on our website?

Omg thank you! Yes I am very happy to do reviews or anything you’d like! I panicked when I ran out of them and found some gummies with same mgs around here…nope…garbage. Your product gives credibility to the industry. I’m also a recovering addict and was dead set against these products…until now…honestly I can’t believe it is so effective.

2017/09/25 at 3:56 pm

10 g 41% CBD Hemp Oil Extract Oral Applicator (4100 mg total CBD)

I have been taking this product for Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer for over a year now. I take it in combination with Nano Enhanced Heneplex water. I believe it helps with a number of issues including keeping my immune system healthy and in lowering anxiety. I also believe it helps alleviate the side affects of chemo. I would not stop taking it. it is worth the money to get such a tested pure product.

2017/09/05 at 2:10 pm

Pure400 mg CBD Hemp Oil Extract (15 mL bottle) Vanilla

The vanilla is good, but you can taste the earthiness of the hemp. That is not a bad thing. I have been buying a different brand for over a year and never realized how weak it was until I tried this brand.
I recommend this brand. I use it successfully in dealing with stress and anxiety.

2017/08/27 at 7:09 pm

Softgel Capsules: 750 mg

Wow. Take 2 and call me in the morning. This product is absolutely remarkable, pain issues, nausea, chronic illness, anxiety? This is what you need. Changed my life…

2017/10/11 at 7:27 pm

This is a great product.  this one is very good with an instant calming effect. I’ve had autoimmune and breathing problems and this seems to help more than medications I’ve been put on.

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Subject: I wish to thank the entire Pure Science team on behalf of Mason and my family, we greatly appreciate all considerable efforts.  Life is a struggle and your team has certainly helped improve our son’s condition.  God bless & thank you.. Tim Hodge

Date: 2017-03-20 21:57

To: info@puresciencelab.com

Name: Tim Hodge

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Subject: Testimonial    Date: 2017-01-18 22:24

To: info@puresciencelab.com

From: Pat

Good day,I’d like to express my satisfaction with the quality of your product which I have not found anywhere else. I’ve been recommending your product to some clients that come to our holistic centre and observing amazing results, one client even recovered from lung cancer in less then 45 days. Thank you so much!


I would appreciate that you publish my testimonial only using the name “PAT”

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Subject: Gratitude    Date: 2017-01-14 18:56

From: Lee Greenan

To: info@puresciencelab.com

Hi, I wanted to say thank you for taking my call about my oil order. I thought I was buying vapozer oil but you explained your history and quality of your tinctures, so I decided to try it vs return it. I’ve been a MM patient for five years due to intractable systemic pain that has destroyed my autoimmune system and organs. Since learning of CBD benefits for chronic inflammation in 2012 I’d used creams, patches, lozenges, capsules and flower herb with positive results, but nothing like your tinctures. So grateful for what you do!!!  You’re changing lives for the better.

My Best,

Lee in Seattle

Date Wed 11:18  2016

From: Dalton Boggs

Subject: Testimonial

Message Body: Approximately 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis, a disorder caused by a mutation that results in an excessive number of mast cells in the body. Mast cells normally help protect you from disease and aid in wound healing, but if you have systemic mastocytosis, excess mast cells can build up in various parts of your body.

When triggered by allergens or injury, these mast cells release substances that can overwhelm your body causing symptoms such as facial flushing, itching, rapid heartbeat, abdominal cramps, lightheadedness or even loss of consciousness. I have tried many drugs and remedies over the years, and some would provide some relief but never really control the symptoms. Being an avid golfer, I spend a lot of time outdoors and encounter pollen and weeds which trigger my mast cell symptoms, so much so, that I almost had to quit playing this past summer.

I have been taking 41.62% CBD Hemp Oil for 60 days, and have not had one recurrence of mastocytosis symptoms.

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From: Rita Scanio
Date: Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 7:33 PM
Subject: Re: Your Pure Science Lab CBD order

I am so happy to have found Pure Science Lab..These guys ROCK !! The compassion,care and products shows that they really care.

I started buy the CBD oil for a friend. She was originally diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of Breast Cancer, they then found it in her bones and liver,

2 years ago. They gave her less than a year. When I learned of my dear friends disease, I started ordering the oil for her. Her Dr. was aware as she asked the Dr, what she would think about her starting the oil, while on chemo. My friend was so far gone, that the Dr said ” why not, you have nothing to lose”..Man what an understatement. She should have said, you have something to gain, “your life”

A few months into the oil treatments, she started to look better,not as pale and could move around better. She started to eat better, had more energy. We noticed the difference. About 5 months into it, the doc said, her blood work results were better than when she first was diagnosed. And she continued to improve. He last check up with the Oncologist, almost one year of taking the oil, the reports came in and the results ::: the cancer colony has stopped growing and moving. THEY ARE DORMANT!! They hadn’t grown  at all since her last tests. The Dr was amazed.

Yes, the oil has not only stopped the spreading, and it was a vicious take over, all her tests came back with no spread of cancer anywhere. The wounds from her surgeries, that were getting worse, have healed. They as well as us, are elated. To see her go from a hospital bed in her living room, to now getting out and living again, is unbelievably the best thing I have see in my life time.

Had I known about this product, I would have probably not lost my brother, 6 yr old nephew or my BFF of 46 years, I would have gotten them the oil. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt they would still be with us. The oil is not just for Breast Cancer, it was metastasizing thru her whole body. My brother, Liver Cancer, my nephew, brain cancer, my BFF, stomach cancer, I wish I knew about Pure Science Lab then.

I also want to give Accolades the Dan and his partner, Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful customer service, fast deliveries, and mostly that you care that you really do this great service out of concern of this horrible disease. You are truly a blessing.


Fri 10/28/2016 8:44 PM

✨🌟🎸🌟✨PURE SCiENCE LAB ROCKS✨🌟🎸🌟✨Complete Super🌟Star🌟for me; from the second I met Steve,  at an event that we were both working at!✨🌞✨In the early morning I was suffering from a migraine that was off the charts😰 It had me extremely nauseous & it was all preventing me from being able to work the last full day of the 3 day event!😰My friend took me over to the CBD booth to see Steve.He offered for me to try his CBD oil… I did✨😍✨ AND, within 3 minutes, the nausea dissipated and gave me the desire to drink the “cafe con leche” I had on my hand. 😋I felt so much better, so fast!😳 It was uncanny!!!😎So, Steve suggested that I take another nice dose to deal with the migraine headache; and I swiftly agreed.✨🙌✨Within two hours and two doses of the oil my pain levels (at 15+) went down to about 4; which was tolerable to work!WOW!!! 🤗 I was feeling so much better, able to work & function so nicely✨😍✨ I even had more energy!!!👍

✨AMAZING STUFF✨✨Miracle Herb✨Magic Potion✨🙌✨YEA!!!✨✨I have been using these oils ever since…✨🌟✨

Sylvia  Latimer~MiaMi Beach, FL

Date 2016-06-07 15:07
I purchased some of your help oil a few months back for several of our dogs that had cancer. The hemp oil did extend their lives and they did not have any pain, but we did loose them. Now we have another of our dogs that has Lymphoma. We are giving her what hemp oil we have left along with predisone and so far she is doing good. Will keep you informed on how our fur baby is doing and thank you so much. Sharyn

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From: george beaman
Tue 3/8/2016 4:28 PM

Subject: healing effects of cbd
Message Body: UPDATE–After one year using this cbd extract to supplement treatment for stage 4 metastatic melanoma, and having been previously given 3-4 months of life-I am excited to share that since October 2015-one year after original diagnosis 2014, and now 5 months later-THERE IS NO ACTIVE CANCER IN MY BODY. I took a couple months off to clean out my system and now plan to continue to use the cbd to maintain my health. The medical doctors are amazed and have instructed me to keep doing what i have been.

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On Thursday, 28 January 2016, r travers <tr wrote:


Thanks for that I Found 2 payments here not sure if this is for the full amount or not.

This is really helping my wife with her lupus symptoms.

How much would I have to buy to get  bulk buy  ?



Hi steve hope you are well it’s Mohammed jus letting you know I have received the package and my mum has started using it. It has been a week since she has started using it an I can see difference, the oil is helping her with the pain an she feels normal. Today her chemotherapy 21/09/2015 starts. Please call me on my mobile as I want to discuss on ordering more thank you for your excellent service and prompt reply.

Please call me on this mobile number

Thanks Mohammed.

Fast shipping and great product, very effective at relieving symptoms of depression and relaxing. Only issues are that It’s a bit expensive and the flavoring may have separated from the oil.

Reviewed on January 10, 2015

Extremely helpful sellers, nothing is too much trouble. The drops have maid a considerable difference to my mother’s health


Hi Steve,

How are you? Iris my mother-in-law has just received the results from her CT scan following 4 chemotherapy cycles on the most aggressive treatment available. She took your CBD oil at the same time. not only was she blessed with escaping some of the most gruelling side effects of chemo but her tumour has shrunk by half and the fluid in her lungs has greatly reduced.  She is going to have another 6-8 cycles of chemo and of course wants to continue taking CBD oil.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Sent: 29 May 2015 00:35

Order notes

FYI. We ordered the non peppermint flavored one once, and it was not very good. the peppermint one is delicious. It does the job for my anxiety as well as i have been seizure free and haven;t had any episode from my epilepsy after starting the cbd oil. My fathers arthritis has also improved greatly. THANK YOU! Wish there was a travel bottle you could bring with you for when going on vacations and such so you don’t have to bring the entire bottle, but no big deal.

This item is helping my brother with Multiple Myeloma! He could not eat and was getting very drained and weak from this cancer. In two days was able to get apatite back and help sooth pain and was able to sleep after months of next to no sleep. I recommend only this site to get it from because of high quality and high potency. Pure Science lab rocks and this could potentially save his life ! I Will leave more reviews as treatment goes on. Do your research to see how this wonderful product can help you!

Extremely fast shipping BUT, it is the quality of the product that i am impressed with. I suffer from an arthritic auto immune disease and this product has given me my life back without pain. I am going on my third month and i have not had an attack. Only on several occasions during this time have i felt an attack coming on but after a dose or two of the CBD it somehow reverses the attack. Can’t say enough about its positive affect on my life.. i would wish the same for you. Pure science provides great customer support and always responds quickly to questions. The product itself is expensive but after searching the internet top to bottom, I have found this to be the best price per gram along with higher concentrate. Peace and Blessings!

The man literally has saved my life! ORDER NOW!!

I highly recommend Pure Science and all their products. I’ve tried several and they are better than others I’ve tried. Besides that, this bottle was sent quickly as always, but it went from sea-level to high altitude where we live and it leaked. Pure Science sent me another bottle (carefully sealed) at no cost to me. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!

Had ordered this for my cat with anxiety disorder. It arrived, as requested, in the “natural” flavor. (I still wish you guys made it in “catnip” flavor…) A drop of the oil in another hemp oil base worked wonders for another cat with an unhealing lesion on his belly. I tried to give it to the anxious cat, but had to change priorities. The only side effect I’ve noticed is drooling. Cat’s getting much better, thank you. Once the injured cat’s taken care of, I will order more to combat the anxiety in another cat.

From: Kellene B Subject: Retailer : Hi there, I’ve just finished extensive research on your primary product. I’d decided that I would like to become a retailer of yours.  I sell products that I recommend through my blog articles and in person when I’m teaching my alternative health classes. Thank you for your response. Kind regards, Kellene, This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Pure Science Lab (https://puresciencelab.com)


Brother it’s Allan B…….today I literally did my last gram….last time after missing 2 days I got really really sick so I really don’t want to wait to long…. this cancer is very unforgiving! Do you have a paypal address?

From: george b . Subject: cbd oil order Message Body: thankyou so very much for providing the cbd oil that we have been using to treat my metastatic melanoma. after 6 weeks of using your cbd oil along with the simpson oil that i make the tumor is shrinking rapidly much to all the doctors amazement. in 2 weeks i go in for imaging to note the exact shrinkage in the main 10cm tumor in lymph node under my left arm, (which has visibly decreased in size) and the metastis in c6 vertebrae, hyoid area of chest and on liver.  thank you again!!!!!!! — This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Pure Science Lab (https://puresciencelab.com)

I Cannot tell you how much this oil has helped me already!My raging anxiety from the steroids has completely gone! I feel calm and almost zen like and even managed to get out of the house for an hour and sit in the sun!Slept like a log last night, a deep sleep just feeling totally chilled instead of angry and wired!I have just placed another order!Please note there where no pomegranate chip samples in the last shipped box any chance this could be included as I’m seriously thinking of buying some with my next order!

Kindest regards. Thank you again,


Sent from my iPhone
On 12 May 2015, at 15:18

Hi name is Douglas , Im buying this cbd oil for my friend . he was in Canada taking cbd and thc oil but he had to come back to the uk and there is no high concentration of cbd oil anywhere in the uk . i just want to say thank you !!! for tiring to help people in need . Thank you again Douglas

this product works miracles on my auto immune disease, arthritis and chronic pain. thanks for the quick delivery on last order. thanks for being in business.

Friend Jared recommended you, my girlfriend has mental seizures every day all day and it is destroying her brain cells, I hope this will help her she’s only 19 and they don’t know if she will live to 25.. God bless you man

A great product,I am recommending you to everyone.Thanks much,Joey B.

This product is amazing! I have suffered pain for the last 6 years . I bought a 10 gram tube of the 41% oil and within minutes of the first dose I was experiencing some relief. I have been taking the oil now for almost 2 weeks and continue to have excellent results with both pain relief and anxiety. I would recommend this product to anyone needing improved health. This oil has the highest CBD concentration of any that I could find.others i tried were very dark and were not even close in strength and effectiveness. This is clearly the best

Your skin serum has provided significant improvement to all my skin irritations (psoriasis) in very short time– about 2 weeks time. Plus, this product goes on nicely it almost melts into my skin but leaves no residue. My skin problems are improving daily, and I think I have tried every OTC and prescription creme and oil out there. I LOVE everything about this oil– it is natural, smells awesome, feels fabulous and it is helping my skin. For the first time in a long time, i can not wait to wake up in the morning and see what  happened overnight!

I have read a lot of other reviews for this product. This is the second bottle I have bought for myself. I agree with many of the reviews that say the cbd helps with the range of symptoms as long as the ailments are mild to moderate.  For me, it relaxes my nervous system and helps mild shakes, increases my apetite, and works on my background pain and deferred pain, curbs my spasms. It lessons anxiety. I am using it with and not instead of  regular anxiety medicines. My only complaint is the price. However, this product is not as expensive as most.

We bought your skin oil because it is an organic product and my wife loves it. She has very dry skin and this really helps. She has a mixture of different oils that she uses and this is by far the best one yet. Great product and company. Shipped fast

I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t so damned expensive and contained more of the active ingredient. In a medical marijuana state you can get better oils for cheaper. I’m willing to pay for now because it works, but I’ll be jumping ship just as soon as there is a cheaper or more effective alternative

I’ve been taking CBD for a year now and it’s wonderful. I have a  head injury . I have tried different brands of cbd ,but I like yours the best. Actually tastes pretty good. I like the peppermint. After a while you can take less and get the same effect. It doesn’t get you high. If you have arthritis or nerve pain, this works better than anything from the doctor. It has allowed me to improve immensely. My doctor is very impressed with my improvement. I do not work for  this company. I started to vape the oil and it seems to be even more effective.

This product is fantastic. I have suffered from chronic back pain and depression for years now and this product does the trick. The only problem I have with it is that in order for it to remain effective I have to take it multiple times a day and use my vape pen.

New Haven,Conn.

The pommy  tea chips are amazing!! I finally thought I would try it. Held back due to price. I have ibs and inflammation in my stomach. I take it as maintenance everyday  in the morning and my stomach has been feeling better. Not as much heartburn and stomach cramps. I love the taste . I have only been taking it a week. I would reccomend to anyone with digestive disorders. It really seems to help. I will buy it again!!!

I have been very happy with the tea. I had very strong doubts, but having IBS-D will make you want to try ANYTHING that might help. I took this for 2-3 days and then took an overnight trip out of town and didn’t take it with me and believe me, by the time I got home, I really knew I’d missed a dose. I will buy this again

Never heard of your tea before, but it is a great product. Very soothing to the irritated stomach. I didn’t use for diarrhea, but more as a soothing agent from inflammation . I am appreciative that there are no additives or chemicals.

Within minutes of taking your  CBD Drops I felt some of my pent-up stress and anxiety begin to fade away.”
Mark W. Ft Pierce, Fl.

It’s a little rough to take but it’s worth it! Great product Love this stuff!! Could be a little cheaper!!
San Francisco,Ca.

I am taking this once per day for fibromyalgia and it seems to be making a real difference. I have had many fatigued days to where I can’t get up and do anything and now I seem to be having many more normal and good days. I feel much more relaxed physically and mentally.

I like it but doubled the dosage. I got this one to try, it works great and better than others I tried but I still wish it was stronger. – Miami, Fl

I have Fibromyalgia. I think it does help me maybe 50%.I’ve used cannabis before and it makes my muscles feel better and gives me energy. I notice less fatigue since I use less of my prescription meds with this product. – Portland, Maine

I got this stuff because I know cbd is good for many things, for me, tremors, migraines, and tense muscles and stress…it works, but the problem is that most of this stuff is not strong enough they make it by boiling roots and seeds(waste products) which is what makes it weak…when I take other brands I take 3 to 3.5 times the regular dose, with your brand I took 2 times the dose and it took away all the side effects of the medicine I take. I take it 4 to 6 times a day. Better than prescription drugs for me. – Atlanta, GA

the CBD does seems to be helping. I had a hot flash this morning, usually an early sign of a seizure, so I took a dose, and feel fine now. Can’t say for sure it was the CBD that helped, but it’s certainly not hurting. – Harrisburg,Pa.