The Finest CBD Hemp Oil in the World

As the founder of Pure Science Lab, a Crohn’s disease survivor, CBD hemp oil consumer, and with 25 years in the alternative medicine industry, I understand the importance of providing the highest quality ingredients and tracking the history of the ingredients from seed to sale. We offer the highest premium grade CBD hemp oil available.  Our CBD hemp oil  is 100% legal hemp oil

Pure Science Lab is dedicated to offering premium extracts.  The high quality hemp extracts that we formulate provide a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and other natural molecules. Our unique flavorings have taken endless test runs and reruns, until the proper palatable mixtures prevail.

Our CBD Hemp oils are produced from premium strains of High CBD Hemp Plants carefully grown with keen attention to the world’s finest hemp fields. The pure raw materials used and the extracts produced are formulated in the USA and tested by independent third party USA labs to ensure they are of the highest standard through every step in the extraction process. These extracts are made from hemp plants that were farmed without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. The resulting product is pure hemp oil. These oils are produced using a unique extraction process that can reliably reproduce the natural, balanced phytochemical profile of the original hemp cultivars. Unlike many commonly available CBD oils that are made using harsh chemicals as part of the extraction process, our oils are produced using a Supercritical CO2 extraction process with medical grade CO2.